Debbie Caruso and her Paranormal Team T.H.E.M.

The Haunting Evidence Messengers

Investigation at a Lodge


The structure, a stone and clapboard 19th century estate sits on 2.8 acres in Staten Island .  The lodge an example of old english architecture. The estate was built by Edward Banker some time in the 1850s. He was from an old New Amsterdam family in the ship chandlery business. He was one of the investors in the Erie Canal, an early proponent of railroads, and the developer of the first railroad down Staten Island. In the 1930s, a prominent businessman, one of Staten Island's best known restaurateurs, bought the house. He installed a bar and converted an adjoining enclosed porch into a cocktail lounge. He also built a 200-foot tunnel between the house and his famous restaurant accross the street so that he can safely carry the day's receipts from the restaurant to his home. The lodge made the mansion their fifth home on Staten Island after purchasing it in 1960.

We were really excited to be invited this Lodge to gather "Haunting Evidence" for you .. (Actually all we felt and collected was "loving" evidence).  We have many Evp recordings, pictures and videos to post here .. Stay tuned .....

Joe  "How ya doing Al? - We all miss ya"

Debbie  "Thank you Al"

Spirit   "I'll be coming back"

Joe     "Thanks Al"

Spirit    "Uncle Al"


Matthew   "Hi Al - How's Pete doing?"

Spirit   "He's doing good - Around me"


Debbie  "Hey - Al Lotz"

Spirit   "Hi to Joe"


Spirit   "Al Deppe"


Debbie  "Al Deppe - Was that you?"

Spirit   "I'm Al Deppe"