Debbie Caruso and her Paranormal Team T.H.E.M.

The Haunting Evidence Messengers

Digital Infrared Thermometer

Picture from a T.H.E.M. investigation


EMF Meter

Image snapped from a T.H.E.M. investigation

Our Recorders

Reel to Reel "Voice of Music"

Our Digital and Cassette Recorders

Our collection includes ...

 2 Sony ICD-ST25

2 Panasonic RR-DR60

2 Sony ICD B300

2 DA 300 Voice

2 Sony ICD B26

Sony ICD BM1

Sony ICD MX20

Olympus DW90

Panasonic RR 360

Panasonic Cassette RN-302

Sony Cassette Clear Voice Plus


Video Cameras

Video camera in use - photo from a T.H.E.M. investigation


Digital Cameras