Debbie Caruso and her Paranormal Team T.H.E.M.

The Haunting Evidence Messengers

Investigation at Mark's house ...

Mark's house was our first investigation as a Team ...

I have so much to write ,, but for now I am really excited about all the recordings we received!! 

We're still examining pictures and video from that night sooooo

"Stay tuned"!!!

Evp recordings from Mark's house

Chris   "Will you leave Mark alone if he leaves you alone?"

Spirit   "No"

Chris  "If there are any spirits here .. Please give me your name"

Spirit   "Okay - Hello"

Jamie   "Are the spirits that in this house stuck here?

Spirit  "I'm stuck"

Jamie  "Why aren't you going to the light?"

Spirit   "You're not making me"

Chris   "How many spirits are in this house?"


Louie  "If there are any spirits here .. Talk to us"

Spirit  "Martha Henderson"

"I'm Jason"

"I'm Demanding"

"I can't talk too good"

Chris   "Give us a name"

Spirit   "Bob"

Chris   "Please talk to me"

Spirit    "Help Me"

Chris   "Give me a message"

Spirit   "Leave"

Chris's head in two places is probably a camera malfunction but...

Chris said ..."Jamie ... take a pic of Debbie and I .. I feel energy right in the middle of us"

She snapped the pic and that's what we saw ..hmmm

Mark said "they" form faces in items in his house ... I didn't believe him so I snapped a picture of his pillow with a flowered pillow case .. I see a face that formed .. Do you?? 

Photographs from Mark's house

Not sure what that "snake-like" light could be/maybe camera malfunction??

I see two faces in the mist - Do you??