Debbie Caruso and her Paranormal Team T.H.E.M.

The Haunting Evidence Messengers


Debbie is an Evp/Itc experimenter and is looking forward to collecting "Haunting Evidence" for you.  She is a member of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP) and has been a guest on the

"The Maury Show"

"The History Channel - MonsterQuest: Ghosts"

You can view her collection of EVP recordings as well as some ITC pictures on her web sites

One of her favorite Evp's recorded in silence is from her Son in Heaven  9/11/07

"Ma - I love you"

Here is one of her longest Evp's recorded in silence 9/12/07

"I am watching you ..Keep your strength ...Debbie ... In both your ears ... You hear our realm ... You hear our realm ... Everything does"


Debbie on "The Maury Show"

Jennie & Brandon Speak from Heaven via EVP on the Maury Show