Debbie Caruso and her Paranormal Team T.H.E.M.

The Haunting Evidence Messengers

T.H.E.M. was a team that operated as a working paranormal team until sometime in 2010. The team was founded by Debra ("Debbie") Caruso (who led T.H.E.M.) during her active years of paranormal investigation from 2004 until her passing in early 2010. Debra's sites have all been restored as of 2012 by people who care about her legacy and are working to preserve the sites while evolving them to help others interested in EVP and Paranormal investiation work.

News: March 2021 - Corrections made to site content. We will be doing a few changes to clean up the site and make some of the content easier to view and use. The original site will retain as much of the intent of the site spirit as we can keep and we make changes as minimal as possible to insure the site retains that original flavor.

While you are here, explore the investigations pages, the EVPs page and the "Meet T.H.E.M. pages for EVPs recorded by Debra and the team. It is some amazing work and well worth listening to.

Note that the menu above has links to and Feel free to visit these sites to learn more about Debra Caruso and hear more of the amazing EVPs she captured in 6 amazing years of work. was Debra's first site and as she progressed further in her work, she developed her main site "1800heaven" and it became the hub site she operated from and cited the most often in her media appearances.

Sincerely - the site curator - Jon

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